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Agape Vacation - Updated website

Owners list their property ads for free.  The vacationers choose units, and sends out offers.  The owners in return send to the vacationer their pricing.  If there is a match and both agree, they receive each others information for contact.

Barter Business Banking
Property Owners, businesses that offer a service, retail stores, Website Business, and anyone that offers something to sell on a ongoing basis are welcomed to join this service.  Over 50K people are members of this service.

Office building of small offices in Panama City Beach

We are members of the following Organizations.

Care - Wholesale pricing for timeshares and owners/managers with properties

True- OSSN - Home Based Seller of Travel

Clia - Cruise Line International Association
www.cruising.org Selling cruises

Travelguard - Trip insurance for those vacationing in resorts, and taking cruises and tours
  Also damage waiver insurance.

Florida Licensed Travel Agency - Agape Vacation
Who We Are

We are home based agents helping people connect with what they are looking for be it a cruise, timeshare, bartering, vacation property, insuring their travel and servicing the needs of people all over the world.  Once you have signed up with a agent of your choice, she/he can work with you in your future needs as well.